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I love to read, but I want to write- but writing about myself traveling turned out tasteless and tiresome.
Perhaps this is because I was there. Because, to me, my life could not possibly live up to the standards of others. And also partly because within the worlds of fiction life always seems more colorful; in excess of emotion and always exceeds in adventure.

And so I had to change the idea I had of me merely traveling and start to look at things from a different perspective- a third person point of view. That is what I want Route and Review to become: a literary masterpiece hidden inside the world that I live in. Thus far I have written of my first two years in the USA and now that I have returned from another two year journey I am ready to once again share that adventure with you.

My most recent years spent in the USA were so adventurous that I fell behind on writing about them, but I took the time to capture the journey on my Instagram page and each destination has a description (and sometimes itinerary) of where I went and what I experienced.

I am setting off to Abu Dhabi
The focus of my blog will shift from my seasonal life
in the USA to a steadier life in the UAE.

This new path will involve my new blog post to focus on my new destination and what it’s like to experience another country. I would also like to spend more time on my creative writing which means I will most likely incorporate my experiences here into a collection of short stories, eventually.
Along with my retellings/reviews of places, I will of course still continue to review books as well as share a poem every now and then.

Thank you for being there for the journey this far,
I can’t wait to tell you more!

Book Reviews

Literature is far more entertaining than my reality, thus apart from reviewing the places that I have seen I also like to offer my opinions on the books that I have read.


Poetry is my form of journaling. It is the way that I process what is happening, how I feel about it and ultimately how I want to feel about it. I cannot exactly call myself a poet but sometimes my emotions become something worth reading about and that’s when I decide to share it with you.

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November 25, 2018

Auspicious Requests

January 13, 2019

Women Are Wonder

March 8, 2020

“Poetic intentions can lead to many things”

The Beauty of a Dying Day

A Novella by Tanitia van der Walt

The chances were that she would never see him again.
The odds were that he was only meant to greet her once.
Luck has a way of changing fate, or perhaps that was fate’s great design all along? When a chance encounter during sunrise sparks unfathomable feelings. Lexine and Joshua find themselves in a tragic romantic entanglement.
The only constant in their lives is symbolized by the sun as it rises and sets, with an encounter or two spread out across the years. These two ill-fated lovers struggle to break free from a love that is both fated and feared- because it has become a part of who they are and has shaped them into who they have become.
After years of devoted running, what would happen if Joshua finally decided to pursue what they have?

Follow their continuous struggle between fate and destiny as it is vividly displayed every time they are destined to meet and fated to part ways; again and again.