This blog is the results of an opiniative traveler; a girl with opinions regarding both the literary world and the one we live in. Reviews on places and events that I have encountered on my journies as well as a few short stories (to come at a later stage) based on the locations I have experienced.

All I wanted was to travel and read and find out what life was made for. And I did travel, I read as much as I could (which was never enough) and well- life is still a stranger to me. Because life happens. And if I wasn’t working I was helping a stranger find his way to the subway, or celebrating yet another co-workers birthday, sleeping, doing my washing hastily while trying to keep the household of 6 individuals in a foreign country at bay. And if I wasn’t doing that I was sitting in my room enjoying the silence or getting lost on my way to the train station or stranded at a fair. My point is I got on the airplane ready for the adventure and life didn’t disappoint

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