And so she started a blog…

She had left her home country, which she later learned some people still thought of as a place where lions roamed freely between the houses. And there she was, on an airplane heading to the sunshine state of Florida. The feelings she encountered in the past twenty-or-so hours were quite peculiar, because, they were rather dull. For someone who woke up in Cape Town and was now gawking at the palm tree’s lining every single street, the feelings weren’t as explosive and exotic as she had imagined they would be.

Later she would learn that her ability to imagine her own senses were much more imaginative than what was humanly possible. But that’s for later. For now, she is rather okay with feeling so normal- it is the only thing she’s ever spoken about. And so she justified her lack of giddiness by the fact that she has been preparing herself for this moment her entire life.

16 October 2014.

She got her golden opportunity, the one she’s been betting on her whole life.

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