FLORIDA REVIEW: South Florida Fair

As someone who did not grow up in America one of the top things on my list of have to’s was to attend a proper American fair, you know- the ones you hear about or see in the movies. And finally, my chance arrived. We had to take the train from the Pompano Beach station to West Palm Beach, and finally having traveled to the fairgrounds, there was a designated trolley to carry fair passengers from the parking bay to the entrance. And it was everything I hoped it would be! Being in the early months of the year the weather is perfect. The first view I caught sight of were cars, old and vintage colorful and filled with beauty. After marveling myself at these beauties, I allowed my eyes to wander a bit further and sure enough there it was. The colorful stands such as “elephant ears” promoting funnel cakes and lemonade, or just a simple “turkey legs.” Of course, we headed to the thrill first, the rides my top priority- especially because I want to taste deep-fried Oreos as well at some point.

You get to live in the laughter! The sense of excitement a steady pulse throughout the whole day. I understand now the importance of attending the fair– and I will definitely be here next year!

*Attended the fair in 2015 and 2016

Location: 9067 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

For more detailed information on the fair visit their website

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