FLORIDA REVIEW: Rio Coco Bean Café

You know that nibbling feeling of unsurity that always gnaws at you while you follow your gut? Well, I had arrived in Vero Beach a mere few weeks ago and have not yet had a chance to explore. First thing on my list: coffee! I had googled and asked around until finally, I walked the 20minute pathway to what turned out to be my sanctuary within the following months.

This café cannot be praised highly enough.

I highly recommend it. If you don’t feel like sipping on their extremely generous big cups of coffee you definitely have to go there for a sweet treat. And, in all honesty, the people here are what makes it so inviting. I met so many interesting characters while sipping my coffee and reading or writing, striking up conversations about the Peruvian living quarters to why every person does what they do. It’s a genuine gem in this community.

*Written while I was living in Vero Beach in 2015/2016

If you happen to find yourselves in the Vero Beach area, definitely make time to indulge in this non-profit haven or visit them here

Address: 3300 43rd Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960, USA

Phone: +1 772-226-5760

Rio Coco Bean Cafe
Miss these big cups so much!

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