First things first, it’s Miami!

So naturally I should discuss South Beach, but it’s just a beach– actually one of my least favorite beaches. I admit that my expectations were really high, and perhaps that is what caused my disappointment when there was no music on full blast and people dancing around everywhere (I mean that’s what every movie indicates).

BUT Miami is great due to the things I got up to while there:


Club E11EVEN: Waiting in line at around 3 AM sounds exhausting, except- when it’s in front of Club E11EVEN. Their inviting hours (always) and sensual dancers is enough to intrigue any socializer. But then there is the excellent choice of music blasting through the air and the atmosphere of glitz and glamor mixed with exhilaration. One of the highlights would most certainly be walking out of their doors at 9 AM, dressed up and with a slight ringing in your ears, and all you see is MIAMI drenched in the sunshine. And you’re witness to it all: the late nights and early walks.

Oxygen Ink: It was just before 10 PM when we passed this tattoo studio, I remember because we were exhausted and yet the thrill overpowered the fatigue. We started the day off in Key West, went snorkeling in Key Largo and were heading home to Boca, but as we approached Miami the idea sparked to life. (Granted I’ve been considering getting one for a very long time). Needless to we could not have picked a better place!

Miami Heat Stadium: One of my favorite days was when we went to go and watch the Boston Celtics play against Miami Heat at the Miami Heat Arena. I cannot say I knew exactly what was going on at all times but it was definitely something worth doing.

Stranded at the train station: Due to an unforeseen 2-hour delay, we ended our very first trip to Miami sitting on the steps of the station, making friends with the group of smart people who had pizza delivered. Adventures never turn out the way you think, but that’s what makes it an adventure!

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