BOOK REVIEW: Eve of Darkness

Eve of Darkness- Sylvia Day

What it is about the books we buy on impulse? The cover grabs our attention and immediately we are fascinated. For me, that was the case with Eve of Darkness. I did not even bother to read an excerpt before I decided the book was already coming home with me.

When I started reading I was intrigued and interested and then the second chapter came and I was caught off guard with sexual scenes unraveling within the pages. I didn’t expect that at all, but then another look at the back of the book and I saw it said: “for mature audiences.” Nevertheless, I continued reading and finished more than half on the first day and the rest one day later.
The beauty of Sylvia Day’s writing is showcased by a strong narrative with a bit of sensuality, or maybe a lot- now that’s how a book should be written.

Personally, I am in awe of all authors who take a concept that is familiar to us and change it into something new and thrilling. I mean that’s the beauty of writing: you get to create. And with Evangeline Hollis carrying the Mark of Cain we hear a whole different side to the story.

Definitely a new favorite!

My personal Rating: 5/5

Reading Location: Coral Springs, Florida, USA

Reading Duration: 2 Days (November of 2014)

Eve of Darkness- Sylvia Day
What’s better than chocolates and books? When they are enjoyed together!

More about the book

Publisher: Tor Books

Date Published: April 28 2009

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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