Red Queen- Victoria Aveyard

“They’re blood is a threat, a warning, a promise.” These words stay with us throughout the novel.

Immediately Aveyard showcases the brutal world we are about to be immersed in. The poverty clear in the description of their hunched backs. The love for her family evident by the three tiny stones that her ear is pierced with. It’s merely the end of chapter one and we realize that the divide between red and silver is ancient and unapologetic. But is there more to this divide than merely two sides? That first fight in the arena seems to indicate so…

I cannot express my love for this book enough. The way Mare Barrow is thrown into a world she was only to spectate before, the emotion and betrayal perfectly weaved with the thread of red and silver. Until we as the readers are appalled at our own reasoning. Because it’s easy to refer to a mass as murderers but once the mass crumbles and you experience the thoughts and emotions of the individual it’s possible to doubt your very first intentions.

My Personal Rating: 5/5

Reading Location: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Reading Duration: 7 Days (May 2015)

Red Queen- Victoria Aveyard


More about the book

Publisher: HarperTeen

Date Published: February 10 2015

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

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