BOOK REVIEW: Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight- Cassandra Clare

It’s five years later; we’ve survived the dark war. But as we get to know the Los Angeles Institute, with its breathtaking views, and Emma and the Blackthorns, we’re confronted with the reality of what it means to have survived.

On page 92 Malcolm Fade, High Warlock of Los Angeles, says “There is nothing more important than love. And no law higher.” And if you didn’t already believe this statement to be true, perhaps you are yet to read the words which would convince you. In Lady Midnight we come to the realization of how the cold peace has affected families. We discover that perhaps not every body murdered during the war was due to Sebastian.

Of course, Cassandra Clare has done it again! Created a first addition to her new prequel series so exhilarating that I cannot wait to see what happens in the already familiar shadow world. Because now it’s a few years later, now we live through the eyes of Emma Carstairs, and every intricate detail adds to the forbidden entanglement about to ensue.

My Personal Rating: 5/5

Reading Location: Vero Beach, Florida, USA

Reading Duration: 15 Days (April & May of 2016)

Lady Midnight- Cassandra Clare
668 Pages of absolute brilliance!

More about the book

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Date Published: March 8 2016

Genre: Fantasy

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4 Replies to “BOOK REVIEW: Lady Midnight”

    1. Hay! Wow, I can see your love for Cassandra Clare’s writing is as big as mine! I love it! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to Lord of Shadows but I have no doubts that it will be even more thrilling!

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