On the 10th of May 2016, I left Vero Beach for the little town in Maine known as Boothbay Harbor.So much has happened! I met my

So much has happened! I met my now best friend a few days after my arrival in the US in October 2014. And in the process of working and traveling, I’ve lost contact with so many people who used to mean everything to me, but I also got acquainted with individuals who were more compatible for me. When I was back home all I wanted was to travel; convinced that I needed it to be able to write as profoundly as I wanted to. But there I was traveling, and I could not find it in me. I was happy and both unhappy, I cannot even begin to describe how confusing it was to have wanted to do something all your life and then it did not offer you the contentment you wanted. In the past year and six months I both lost myself and became familiar with who I truly was. And so much has happened, but nothing compares to the heartache I felt in the month of August. It was as if everything I have accomplished did not matter. My dreams crumpled by the very reality I have denied for so long. It’s one thing to travel happily, it’s an entirely different challenge to face an unfamiliar world when you don’t even want to face yourself. For so long my recollection of my time spent in Maine was tainted with despair, but that’s not fair. Because to be angry at the world is never as rewarding as remembering the joys it has offered you.

So thank you Boothbay Harbor.

Thank you for the bicycle rides, even when they broke repeatedly, and I had to walk home. Thank you for the chance to meet him, even if he left. Thank you for the hardship, even when I resented you for it. Thank you for my job even if I was not intrigued by it. Thank you for the most difficult time I had to face this far, even if I’m only now recovering from it.

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