MAINE REVIEW: Red Cup coffee house

Firstly, the owners are incredibly welcoming people! And if that opening statement does not convince you, this small coffee shop located just opposite the docks offer delicious cups (yes, red ones) of caffeine or just hot beverages in general. And of the best chocolate croissants I’ve ever tasted!

The walls have a few paintings from local artists and once I heard about a poetry reading being held there. Unfortunately, I did not attend it, but I’m fairly sure there’s always something happening somewhere. It’s easy to see why the tourists flock here for treats and hot beverages, but once they leave it’s a perfect space to relax. This is also where I did a lot of my writing.

Red Cup, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
I went here so many times and I only took this one, completely unsatisfying, image? Obviously, the coffee was just that great!

Follow them on Instagram @redcupbbh

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