MAINE REVIEW: Things to do

When you’re planning on going to a small town for a lengthy amount of time (in my case five months) the pressing question is always: what is there to do? Well, work kept me pretty busy but I did manage to work in a few adventures:

Kayak to one of the closer islands: 

Arrival on Burnt Island via Kayak

My best friend and I rented a kayak and headed to Burnt Island. And it was torture, or let me rephrase, I realized too late that my arms weren’t as strong as I thought. It requires a lot of upper body strength, of which I have none, and when you’re in the path of oncoming boats it gets quite nerve wrecking. But, we arrived at the island but as fatigued as I felt the island lifted my spirit immediately. I mean, there’s not much exciting happening here. Except for the lighthouse and serenity. And those two reasons are valid enough for a trip to a small island on a kayak. Remember water, oh and for more information on the rental gear go give Tidal Transit Kayak a visit


If kayaking does not appeal to you, then don’t stress. There are ferries or cruises, whatever you prefer to call them, that offer day trips to some of the islands. We decided that it was time for a quick getaway before my nightshift started and escaped for a few hours to Monhegan Island. The waves here were so lazy and the day replenishing. Definitely, prepare for long walks with proper footwear as I was highly unprepared in my flip-flops but I guess that was due to the impulsive decision of this day. For more detailed information on these available trips visit Balmy Day Cruises!

Monhegan Island


Then there is the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which is always a romantic idea.

Exploring the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden


The waffle eating contest at Wannawaf is also something to look out for!


And lastly, something I thoroughly enjoyed during my time in Boothbay Harbor was the late night walks along the harbor or even just sitting on the footbridge during a full moon.





*There’s a lot more to do, I just never got around to it.

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