BOOK REVIEW: Glass Sword

Glass sword – Victoria Aveyard

Page 51 “That should’ve been my first warning.”

With merely half a hundred pages read Victoria Aveyard has already captured the reader in chaos, betrayal and a fight between the silvers and reds. And here, at the bottom of this page; she hands us, the readers, some sense of distress. Telling us that what we’ve just witnessed is nothing compared to what is to come next.

393 pages left, Mare Burrow trying to capture her own strength. Approaching safety, feeling anything but. For up until now she knew she was strong, having been shattered in so many ways and still alive. She has Shade and Cal and Kilorn- who will help her to be stronger and who will weigh her down. . .


And then came page 318. A newly introduced character creating conflict, not only in the characters but in the readers themselves; all with one simple line: “it’s all the same, all over again, ”  so much hatred, but even if it is justified- does it make them blind?


Page number 333 “dimly, I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to be Mare again.” As a reader, the question resounded in my head with every decision she was forced to make.

Praise to Victoria Aveyard! This book has stirred so many emotions I struggled to breathe. The suspense. The choices. Impeccable!

My Personal Rating: 4/5

Reading Location:  Maine Vermont, USA & Cape Town, South Africa

Reading Duration: 42 Days (October to November of 2016)


Reading during my visit to Vermont


More about the book

Publisher: HarperTeen

Date Published: February 9 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

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