ADVENTURE LOG- Adventures Achieved

Or bucket list if you would. As someone who thrives on change and impulsive decisions, I still love to set adventure goals (or more seriously life goals) for myself. Something as simple as remembering the year I got my very first piercing, after my ears of course, always adds to my sense of accomplishments. Because in life we should celebrate every chance we get! So here I have documented every important thing, or relatively important, that I have already achieved and want to still achieve.

I’m always amazed at how my future plans change; sometimes because of me and sometimes because of circumstance.


Tongue Piercing- 2010, Pretoria

Go bungee jumping- 2011, Soweto

Roadtripped- 2014, Cape Town, Pretoria & Polokwane

Finally travel internationally- 2014, America

Go on a Cruise ship- 2015, Bahamas & Florida Keys

Snorkel- 2015, Bahamas

Kayak- 2015, Arkansas

Get a tattoo- 2016, Miami, Florida

Attend a writer’s conference- 2016, New York

Learn how to surf- 2016, Puerto Rico

Go Ziplining- 2016, Puerto Rico

Paddleboard- 2016, Puerto Rico

Parasailed- 2016, Key West

Photography short course- 2017, Cape Town

Have a blog up and running- 2017, Cape Town



* I’ll be adding a second part to this post a bit later laying out my list of the adventures I’d still like to experience and things I am working towards achieving.

*Some things on this list might not seem as important; but it’s the little things that add the most value to a journey!

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