ADVENTURE LOG: List of Adventure Goals

As an addition to one of my post from last week (ADVENTURE LOG: Adventures achieved) I am also posting a list of the things I still hope to achieve, or more positively will achieve! I have so many things that I want to do in my life that I struggle to keep track of it. So at the moment I have ideas scribble in notebooks and post-its. In an attempt to be a little bit more goal driven I’ve decided to have this one list and to focus on this one.

So here is the list of things to work towards:

Go scuba diving

Partake in international volunteer programs

Attend a Cassandra Clare book signing

Learn the art of calligraphy


Hot air balloon


Visit the 6 rainforests (Rainforest of South East Asia, Madagascar rainforest, Congo river Basin rainforest, Amazon rainforest, Rainforest of central America, Olympic rainforest)

Have a published article in a Magazine

Have my BA in Creative writing

Publish my first book

Speak French fluently

Work as a Travel Agent, Airhostess, Photographer, TEFL teacher, and my biggest dream: Publishing; Copy editor, Literary Agent.


Vero Beach, Florida
Enjoying a day at the beach in Vero Beach. Always a reminder that happiness is, in fact, a state of mind!


*This list is bound to grow, but so am I!

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