CAPE TOWN REVIEW: 22 Watervalle

22 Watervalle, Porterville

As someone who loves to camp but does not camp often finding a great campsite for that once in a while is essential. This happens to be one of my friend’s absolute favorite camping spots, and once I joined her for a weekend away it was easy to understand why.

At the foot of the Olifants River Mountains, you’ll find a town called Porterville. And here within lies the campsite namely 22 Watervalle (22 Waterfalls). Aptly named after a trail located from the campsite that takes you up and across ladders in a circular trail where you come across 22 waterfalls at intervals. The perfect hike if you ask me; walk to one, take a dip, and continue to the next. You can choose to cycle here as well, let’s just say I’m not that sturdy on a bicycle.  They do offer 4×4 adventures, fishing and there might even be an encounter with farm animals throughout your stay.

We pitched our tents right next to a stream and got to socialize while sitting with our feet in the water. Just having the sound of the water slowly running in the background is completely soothing, but it also kept all of our 2L bottles nice and cold as the days went on.

They offer campsites with or without electricity, the bathrooms are kept clean. They do have chalets available.

Feel free to visit them here if you find yourself in the area ready to set up camp!

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