Being back in Cape Town after two years abroad opens one’s perspective on a lot of things and I can honestly say that I have grown and changed; in my opinion for the better. But one thing that has not changed, and I doubt it ever will, is my love for lounging in coffee shops sipping on fresh cups of hot beverages and just immersing myself in the solidarity of sitting alone at a table between strangers. While I’ve been  back I’ve discovered a few places that I would highly recommend and listed them here bellow:

Truth Coffee Roasting

Located in town you’ll find their Steampunk café, immediately it feels as if you’ve entered a different era. The waitrons are dressed accordingly and the lights are dimmed. Their sugar packets aptly labeled “No sugar required” as a reminder that their coffee selection is a masterpiece on its own. As a courtesy I have to recommend their French toast, it is the most exquisite delicacy that I have tasted in a very long time. And no other place has been able to come close to competing with this dish of theirs; that is if you are a lover of French toast. Apart from the coffee and the scene and the delicacy they also have a Barista Academy (which is still on my list of things to do) so if you want to drink the beverage or learn the precise ways of coffee beans this place comes highly recommended. For more details visit them here


Lively dashes of burgundy and blue decor. Offering a practical but partial view of the harbor, allowing for the sense of the ocean with little less seagulls. Most definitely good coffee, a bit noisy but the Waterfront is hardly the place to go when in search for serenity. I could not locate a website for them, but you can find out more details about this bakery and other shops in the waterfront area here

Soet society cafe

In the center of Durbanville you’ll find this gem. This is a bustling café where the cups are big enough to satisfy even the biggest caffeine craving. They also offer an amazing selection of cakes, and even a list of cakes that you can order for that special event that is coming up. You can have a peek at their offers here


In all honesty, the only good thing about having to drive all the way to Tokai every time I need to visit the US Consulate is the fact that I’ll be able to visit the Red Café. Not only do they provide me with delicious food and cappuccino but the Reggae music never fails to calm down my thoughts. For those who have an eye for all things beautiful there is always the added bonus of the fact that this café is an art gallery as well; the most beautiful of paintings hanging all around for you to marvel at. And as their saying goes “art is the only way to run away without leaving home” so if the workweek was too stressful or life just needs a little color this is the place to run to. For more details on this lovely place visit them here


Other interesting venues include:

Pajamas and Jam

& Boere Sjiek

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