BOOK REVIEW: Cruel Crown


Queen song:
“There is nothing so terrible as a story untold.” Victoria Aveyard claims upon the very first page of Queen song. And as a reader, you cannot deny thinking that the story of Coriane Jacos is of the utmost importance. We’ve heard what others had to say, and now we get to experience her life interpreted by not only what she felt but what she felt the need to write down as well.
But even with all the emotions and written lines- at the end of it all we feel cheated: of the truth, of life- of what could have been.

Steel scars:
P65 “but belief doesn’t make it easy to take a bullet.” Are the thoughts running through the character known as Farley’s head. She is a firm soldier with no remorse; until you glimpse into this short story. It follows her train of thoughts trough acting as a leader and also just being a red.


The short stories lacked Aveyard’s attention to detail and sense of adventure. Perhaps I feel this way because we already knew the characters from afar, or in all honesty we needed to know key facts and nothing more. I’ll have to read the third addition, King’s Cage, before I can see what this new insight has truly given me. But I strongly feel that Aveyard had the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into the lives of these characters and instead told us more than we needed; with less detail.

My Personal Rating: 2/5

Reading Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Reading Duration: 32 Days (April & May of 2017)



Victoria Aveyard (2)More about the book

Publisher: HarperTeen

Date Published: January 5 2016

Genre: Fantasy



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