New York In 66 Hours & 10 Minutes (#2)

The Second Day

We woke up in a small bedroom in Brooklyn, ready for the adventure ahead. The very first thing we decided was that to make use of the bus system would be more economical and will show us more than what we need to see. I cannot say it was better than being on the subway, because although we were above ground able to briefly graze upon every nook and corner that Brooklyn had to offer it felt like we were heading nowhere. Needless to say, we weren’t even sure at which stop we needed to get off at, so we ended up on the sidewalk- a little ways away from where we needed to be: Brooklyn Bridge. By the time we finally walked the famous walkway of Brooklyn Bridge, it was a few minutes to three in the afternoon. We stood there wasting time in the most relaxed way, breathing in the view of a city so marvelous just within our reach. Then, of course, we took pictures and took our time walking across (which was quite a walk, a lot longer than what I expected.) once we reached the other side it was time to continue ticking off the items on our itinerary.

We made our way to Trinity Church to gawk at architecture and all that it has to offer. Afterwards, we grabbed a coffee and decided that when in Wall Street you have to grab the bull by the horns, or something in that line and decided to seek out the Charging Bull statue.  If you want a picture- rest assured you’ll have a bunch of other tourists standing next to you smiling (at their own cameras.)

By a quarter to six, we were on the Staten Island ferry watching the sun shimmer on the water as it was showcasing the iconic skyline. We never actually went to Staten Island, just took the ferry to view the famous Statue of Liberty. As someone traveling on a budget making use of the ferry in order to see her in all her glory was more valuable than having actually taken the time and spent the money to experience her up close. But, I guess, each to their own.

Next on the Agenda was Highline park, something that I would never have even known about had some of my friends not mention it. But we got there when the sun was close to setting, finally settling down for a breather and oh-how relaxing this was. We sat there and joked around and watched the people as they passed by. So many people, so many different cultures and styles and voices- so many people wrapped up in their own worlds that as you sit there and watch the world pass you by you cannot help but feel small.

From here on we had dinner in Times Square and slowly made our way to Grand Central Station. It’s 12:39 am, and we are making use of the whispering arch before finally departing back to our bedroom in Brooklyn in order to be able to be productive yet again tomorrow.

Day Two Itinerary:

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Trinity Church
  • Wallstreet/ Charging Bull
  • Staten Island Ferry/ Statue Of Liberty
  • Highline Park
  • Grand Central Station
    NEWYORK.aug2015 146
    Trinity Church
    NEWYORK.aug2015 123
    View from the Staten Island Ferry
    NEWYORK.aug2015 152
    Wall Street
    NEWYORK.aug2015 093
    Brooklyn Bridge

    NEWYORK.aug2015 028

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