New York In 66 Hours & 10 Minutes (#4)

Day 4

It’s the Fourth and Final day, am I ready to leave? Mentally NO, but my feet are definitely saying yes. My airplane departs at 6:30 PM which provides a big enough window to still relish in the excitement of running around in the city.

So we’re off!

NEWYORK.aug2015 019


We entered Trump Tower at 10:21 AM. This was the first initial stop because COFFEE and well we kind of just stumbled upon it while roaming the street. Which seems to be the way we found most things. After the caffeine, it was time to make our way to the next stop.



NEWYORK.aug2015 055

We reached the St. Patrick’s Cathedral by 10:59 AM. Being the absolute Cassandra Clare fan that I am there was no way I was going to miss stopping by the location which inspired the New York Institute in her shadow world! But despite my love for her imaginary world the St. Patrick’s Cathedral deserves to be on an itinerary for it is an absolute delight to behold.



NEWYORK.aug2015 040

We were standing at the top of the Rockefeller Center by 12:07 PM. We spend about an hour or so overlooking the marvelous concrete haven that is New York City. In all honesty, I enjoyed the Top of The Rock much more than the Empire State Building. For one, now the Empire State was in my View and most importantly I was gazing out through glass whereas on top of the Empire state we were looking through wire which can cause a distraction, or maybe that’s just me.


Seeing as Time Square was right there we did once last dance through the crowd before we had to catch the subway. Because my flight is leaving at 6:30, and I am still in Manhattan.

NEWYORK.aug2015 196NEWYORK.aug2015 203NEWYORK.aug2015 200NEWYORK.aug2015 213

Luckily I made it back to Brooklyn at 2:53 PM. 3 Hours and 37 minutes before I depart and I haven’t checked in or anything. Hurried all the way to the apartment on the second floor in the heat and ran back to the subway station’s stop. The train ride is roughly 50 minutes, give or take and thinking back now I had some time to spare. But in that moment I felt like a nervous wreck, hurrying into the cart and sitting there looking at the doors as they open at every stop as if that will make the stops go faster. But I made it, and all was well.


Day number four turned out to be one of my favorite days!

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