BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Shadows

Lord Of Shadows- Cassandra Clare

Within the first hundred pages we are greeted with the classic Herondale humor, Blackthorn drama and unrequited love that we have come to know in the Shadowhunter world. There are so many quotations within these pages that grasped at my heart, but then on page 453 there were these words “I am saying the choices we make in captivity are not always the choices we make in freedom. And thus we question them. We cannot help it.” I might go as far as to say that this sentence outlines the whole theme portrayed in Lord of Shadows. We all make decisions in due time, but the Blackthorns never seem to have any to spare when it comes to significant choices.
699 pages of actions and their reactions leading to one of the cruelest endings that Cassandra Clare has ever written. It was the 3rd last page that stopped my breath short, where I had to re-read and take a minute to process what she had just done. But with two pages left I knew there would be no saving of the situation and thus I sat there unable to recover- and I doubt I will.

I read this book in 30 minute intervals while on break at work or when I was waiting for my washing to be done, meaning I could not devour all the pages at once. But- with an ending like that I’m quite content to have dragged it out for longer than I usually would have.

My Personal Rating: 4/5

Reading Location: Florida, USA

Reading Duration: 54 Days (November 2017 & January 2018)


More about the book

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date Published: May 23 2017

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

*If I could offer some advice to those who have not yet embarked upon the second installment wait until Queen of Air And Darkness is on the verge of being released because I know it’s difficult to wait but what I’m experiencing right now cannot be corrected until then.

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