The first images that Miami tends to evoke are ones of sunshine, ocean and a glamorous nightlife. But tucked around every corner is a little bit of art, and when you wander a little ways away from the white beaches you’ll find the heart of art- Wynwood.

Wynwood (2).png

Wynwood (2)

Wynwood Walls showcases art for every type of enthusiast. The large scale that is found in this district causes a person to reflect in awe, to wonder about the precision that is captured when considering it up close. And once you take a step or two back everything falls into place. And it most certainly is not just along every wall, when you take a second to glance down the sidewalk is covered in quotes and inspiration as well.



The atmosphere along these walls is filled with creativity and wonder, it manages to capture truths and difficulties and the best of all- it begs for your interpretation.

Panther Coffee


There is a little coffee shop called Panther Coffee which I would highly recommend, we sat there after walking up and down the streets and not only was the coffee excellent but it still offered you a view of the walls surrounding the little place.



Keep a lookout for my follow up post with some of my favorite Wynwood art and the artists that brought them into existence


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