BOOK REVIEW: I’m Traveling Alone

I’m Traveling Alone- Samuel Bjork

“She had not moved out here to get better. She had come here to seek oblivion.” At the very beginning of this suspense-filled crime novel, we are introduced to Mia Kruger. Her eagerness to feel nothing evident in every action, her thoughts longing to let go of every emotion- of what life has become. Soon she is tracked down by her former colleague, Holger much because a girl is missing and they need her help.

The way in which Samuel Bjork wrote this novel is not entirely confusing; but it allows you, as the reader, to be given bits of information and try to uncover the truth yourself as the investigation grows more interesting. A constant flow of introducing different characters, of explaining different incidents which you need to consider when being thrown back into the investigation and the leads that the police has uncovered.

The difficulties of having lived a life in the homicide crime unit and the consequences thereof drives the characters even further in wanting to uncover the reason behind the victims and how personal vendettas can drive a person insane.

This is the first crime fiction novel I have ever read, and with all the descriptive scenes and intense emotions, I will definitely be indulging in this genre more often. As for Samuel Bjork’s work, I look forward to following Munch and Kruger’s investigating skills in the second installment: The Owl Always Hunts at Night

My Personal Rating: 4/5

Reading Location: Alpine, Wyoming, USA

Reading Duration: – 5/28/2018 – 06/06/2018 ( 10 Days)

 More about the book

Publisher: Penguin Books

Date Published: February 23, 2016 (Kindle Edition), Originally published in 2013 in Norwegian

Genre: Crime Fiction

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