FLORIDA REVIEW: The Best of Wynwood

As stated in my previous post regarding the wonder that is the Wynwood Art District, in Miami, I have compiled my favorites and their accompanying creators into this post.

1 Faith
Art by Faith XLVII


Faith, a fellow South Arfican, captured my breath as I stared at this mural in absolute fascination. She “has participated in the Wynwood Walls Art Basel program for three years in a row.”- Wynwood Walls

Visit her website here


3. David Choe
Art by David Choe

David Choe expresses the phrase “nothing lasts forever” in an outstanding burst of colors. Visit his website here for insight into who he is and all the work he has created.

Leon Keer is from the Netherlands, but has managed to capture the world in this fascinating world of 3D art. I cannot explain the feeling of looking at a piece of art from one direction and being under the illusion that it could possibly be reality. Visit his website here, and be entranced by his creative works of art.

Art by PichiAvo


Firstly, I wished I could capture this piece of work in all its glory, but I couldn’t find my panoramic setting on my phone… Despite that, the art still manages to capture my attention as I hope it does yours.

Pichi & Avo (the duo) create works consisting of the aspects of both regal and rural. For a more promising showcase of their work visit their website here.


& That’s a wrap. I mean, there are so many murals and masterpieces that I love and want to share. But, I guess you’ll just have to go experience them for yourself!

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