In June this Year I made my way to Alpine, Wyoming.







A new season had arrived and as for me (a seasonal worker) that meant I had to pack up and leave. It’s never the leaving part that’s the worst- it’s the packing. I mean fitting my life into only two suitcases (within a weight limit- because even two pounds over is a $100 dollars extra which is ridiculous) is quite difficult when I am such a hoarder. I mean, I enjoy old hardcover bound books and photographs and journals. It would be different if I was backpacking, because then where I am is an adventure every single day whereas now I stay in one place for six consecutive months- in that time I get comfortable; I make friends, I settle in.


Anyway, back to my new destination. I was thrilled when I got offered the job in Jackson, it was a state which I had not seen before and after all that is the goal here. But everything I anticipated pales in comparison to the few months that I have spent here so far. 2 months and 17 days to be exact.


Of every major tourist attraction that there is I have to admit that I haven’t done much in that sense but around here there’s literally an opportunity for adventure ever 10 miles or so. Where I am situated there is the Palisades reservoir which is the meeting place of three rivers namely the Greys, the Salt and the Snake River.

The beauty of the Palisades
A hike 5 minutes from our house

I cannot wait to tell you all about the adventures of everyday life here!

There’s so much happening I am really active on Twitter and Instagram lately,

Feel free to follow the adventure!

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