I might be living in one of the most beautiful states but, of course, the first thing on my list of reviews are coffee shops. Unfortunately for me living in Alpine means that I can only get a cappuccino (or something moderately related to it) at the gas station, which I think we all know is definitely not as satisfying as it should be. But luckily my complaints were heard and a co-worker informed me that there is, in fact, a place that could make me my caffeinated beverage, and it is in Etna. Okay, just so that I am clear here of all the places I expected to get one it was not in the little town, 12 miles from my house, which only takes a minute to drive through. It is situated in a little building, which contains the town’s post office, the grocery store and when I went in there was most definitely a shiny machine ready to caffeinate me- and the quick drive was definitely worth it.

Apart from finally finding a little heaven in the middle of nowhere, there is definitely a lot more options if you go into Jackson Hole (I mean obviously because this is where all of the tourists hang out).

The very first place I went to was Café Genevieve, and sure enough, I managed to get a cappuccino and I was happy. Then there is Cowboy Coffee which I enjoyed when I was looking for a cup to go. But neither of these made my veins sing when I drank their coffee.  You know when you find a little place and everything on the menu makes you happy and the coffee selection gets you excited? Well, I found that in Persephone Bakery! This is the place I visited most frequently while in Jackson, and they are on top of my recommendation list!

Persephone Bakery
Some reading and a lavender honey latte at Persephone’s outside seating area
Carrot cake that you have to try!
Breakfast is always a good idea!


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