Coffee Over Cardio

I’ve been offering my opinions regarding coffee shops, so how about I change things up and give a little insight on how I enjoy different types of coffee subscriptions?

Just the idea of being able to order my coffee and have it delivered makes my heart skip a beat! I hardly have enough time to stop at the grocery store and when I have the time it is the dead of night because on my mornings off (Maybe once a week) I prefer not to leave the house. This is partly because this is when I have to catch up on my laundry an

d reorganizing my life and all the little things, plus my job requires me to be surrounded by people all day long so I just really need some time to sit, listen to my music and enjoy my cup(s) of coffee.

I came across Coffee Over Cardio on Instagram and if you haven’t heard about them yet let me tell you that the coffee game is about to change! The company was founded by Abbey Scott, a very enthusiastic and driven boss babe who not only believes that coffee is the way to go but also encourages you to live life the way that best suits you. So, of course, it was the name that got my attention-  let’s face it I will ALWAYS choose coffee over cardio, but once I started looking into the company I was hooked. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a community that provides you with caffeine and lifts you up at the same time?

Okay, so I decided to completely submerge myself in this experience and ordered two types of their coffee:

Flourish just in time for festive season!
#Workflow assisted greatly in my NaNoWriMo project!

My reviews on these two beauties will be up soon,

Stay Caffeinated!

Although the reviews are not post worthy yet- let’s just say that I am ready to represent this company & if you’re curious about this haven of a company visit Coffee Over Cardio & use code: 10tanit for a little discount!

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