Book Club

“We’ve started a book club, would you like to join?” He said grinning, almost as if he knew that I could not resist.

“You?” I asked, wanting to confirm that this social butterfly of a being actually engages in a world that exists upon pages.

“Why yes, I decided to start a book club and you are invited. I’ve gotten a few people interested already” he rambled a list of quite a peculiar bunch. Reading has always been a part of me and I do enjoy discussing the books that I read. Except, it’s usually a one-sided conversation: with me yelling theories and repeating my favorite quotes. Usually, the poor listener merely stares in boredom because a quote repeated out of context remains a mere simple string of words. This could be fun.

“The first discussion will be at my place.” he saw me give him a knowing look.

“We’ll get some wine and some snacks.”

“Oh, of course, your love for entertaining never ceases to amaze me.” Trust him to take a simple book club evening and turn it into a must-attend occasion.

“So you’re in then?” he asked but before I could reply he continued. “Of course you are. Okay, so we’ll be picking the first book today and we’ll have two weeks to read it.” It’s not something I imagined to happen in this workplace of mine, but it is a pleasant surprise. By the wide range of people he mentioned who are most likely joining this book club I cannot wait to hear all about the way that they perceive the book!


The book for the first two weeks is:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Book Club get together will be on Monday the 28th

Hopefully, I’ll have some interesting insight to share on the 29th. Who am I kidding, I am sure to have some interesting perspectives!

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