BOOK REVIEW: The Word is Murder

The Word is Murder- Anthony Horowitz

My Rating: 2/5

Reading Location: Wyoming, USA

Reading Duration: June 10 to June 13 (3 Days)

As someone who is not well versed in the world of mystery and murder, I decided that to follow Anthony Horowitz on this first-person retelling of an investigation would be the perfect way to uncover this genre. The very first chapter, Funeral Plans, expertly sets up what the rest of the 387 pages would resemble. We are experiencing the world through Horowitz’s senses and observing a murder through the eyes of a mystery writer who is stepping out of his comfort zone. The investigation is led by Hawthorne, an extremely cryptic but observant man, whose past is never quite made clear to the writer as well as the reader.

“And I suppose, when something terrible happens, you tend to hang on to the details that surround it.”

It’s natural instinct to want to focus on every item and every word when it comes to having to solve a murder, we take every single detail that is given and inspect it. Nothing can be left to be considered as just a coincidence, but what if it should have been? Through following Horowitz and Hawthorne we are directly involved with the way in which pure thought becomes the biggest factor. The way you think about a simple situation could cause the case to move in one direction or move in no direction at all.

Reading in the first person became quite exhausting halfway through and I just wanted to be done with this book. But somewhere close to the ending I was recaptured in this London riddle and by the time the last page was read the way that the information was brought to light I understood why it was written the way that it was.

Perhaps not a favorite, but I’m happy I got to join in on such a mystery.


“You never realise how fragile everything is until it breaks”

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In all honesty, I bought this book based on the name, I was in a little bookstore in Colorado and without any hesitation decided that this would be my next read.


More About the Book

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date Published: August 2017

Genre: Murder Mystery

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