Coffee Over Cardio- Saturdaze

Being able to have my coffee delivered is definitely a game-changer, and with so many coffee subscriptions out there I’m happy to have stumbled upon Coffee Over Cardio!

I’m not much of a flavored coffee lover, but I had to give their #Saturdaze chocolate donut flavor a try. As I brewed it, the chocolate smell was definitely not overbearing and of course I had to try it without any sugar first and I was able to taste a hint of chocolate. With that being said later in the day I made this batch and had it as an iced coffee and for me, that’s most definitely the way that I’ll be drinking the rest of this flavored caffeine.

Preferred Brewing Quantity

Cups of water: 6

Tablespoons of coffee: 7.5

Visit Coffee Over Cardio and use code:10Tanit for a discount!

Read all about when I first discovered them and why I am such a fan HERE!


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