Women Are Wonder

In these bones that we have come to call a home, we carry within a world of wonder.

Not only are we as strong as the muscles caressing these bones,
but we are strong enough to house the ability to speak absolute love into existence.

We are stronger than our flaws, we are more than your idea of our capabilities.

We are made of complexities and stardust, indesicion and determination.

What we are is more than something for you to comprehend.

We are a way of living, a way to give life- we contain within ourselves the ability to be whomever we want to be.

We are the laughter you hear, the stretch marks we bear, the mountains we’ve climbed and the sights we’ve seen.
We are
We are
We are;
We, as women, are a world wonder.

Happy Strong Independent #womensday 💪🏼

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