BOOK REVIEW: Not Her Daughter

Not Her Daughter – Rea Frey

My Personal Rating: 3/5

Reading Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Reading Duration: March 20 – April 12 (25 Days)

This was my first blind date with a book, the paperback was wrapped in brown paper and was only described with the following words:


Sarah Walker

  • Entrepreneur
  • Successful
  • Kidnapper

At first glance, these 5 specifics were interesting enough to deem it a successful purchase. Once I was able to unwrap it and read the title the keywords immediately fell into place.

Sarah Walker is recovering from heartbreak while excelling in her career. But all the money in the world cannot erase certain feelings, certain thoughts and soon she allows that part of herself to take hold.

From the very first page, Rea Frey ensnares the readers in the very situation that would be the beginning and the end of this book. Immediately we are exposed to an array of emotions that are running high, and as a reader; we have to know more. Not only are we thrown into the situation but the book is written in such a magnificent way that we are given the outcome and then taken back to what might have caused these results.

Rea Frey’s use of multiple perspectives offers us a way to understand the magnitude of the situation but also gives us a way to develop our own sympathetic or enraging feelings towards the different situations that occur within the book.

As I reached the last 100 pages of the book I was becoming a bit agitated and wished for the book to finally come to an end. This could be due to my lack of experience in this genre but personally, I was ready for it all to come to an end.  When the end was finally on the horizon however I was left with a little bit of a let down that that is how it all ended and I still had a few questions.

All and all I do look forward to reading another one of Rea Frey’s novels.


More about the book

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Date Published: August 2018

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

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