BOOK REVIEW: Forgotten Secrets

“No matter how far a man traveled, how fast he ran, or how hard he tried, it only took a moment for the past to ambush him like an enemy combatant lying in wait.”

Forgotten Secrety by Robin Perini

My personal rating: 5 out of 5
Reading Location: Durban, South Africa
Reading Duration: 10 Days (1 to 10 October 2020)

In the last few years I have become so engrossed in the recurring worlds that came with reading book-after-book from the same author that I realized I was not actively diversifying my knowledge of different genres and writing styles. But the more I try to stay away from collections the more difficult it is to find a book that is a stand alone phenomenon that captures my attention. This being said, I came across Forgotten secrets when I was trying to broaden my reading horizons.
My main choice for choosing the book was due to the setting that it played off in. The location is set in a small town called Singing River in Wyoming, and as someone who recently spent two summers there I knew that this was going to be my next read. I made this decision only to realize that it was the first installment of two books, a rookie mistake but the decision has been made. I started reading the book in November 2019 but got overwhelmed by work, university and adventure. I managed to finally get back to my kindle at the start of October (a whole year later) and I am happy I finally did.

The small town of Singing River is perfectly portrayed through the words of Robin Perini, who not only focused on the wonder that the surroundings have to offer but also captures the strong community that can be found in such a remote location.
The book immediately introduces the event which would carry the whole book, and true to crime-fiction the reader is given a chance to draw their own conclusion.

Thayne Blackwood, an ex-Navy SEAL, has returned home for a few months to relieve his father of a deputy’s workload. What started out as a gesture to aid his father soon evolves into a situation that none of them could have foreseen. The kidnapping of his selfless, and greatly beloved, sister Cheyenne shakes Singing River to the core as search parties and local reinforcements bind together to uncover what really happened, and why. Realizing that the lack of evidence needed the eyes of an expert, Thayne reluctantly reaches out to Special Agent Riley Lambert.

Cheynne Blackwood’s practice was invaded, a few key medical supplies taken, his grandmother hurt on the scene and his sister was taken. The only eye witness endearing and lovable, but unable to help in the investigation. With no leads, where could she be?

The secrets uncovered throughout the novel carry a weight much larger that a mere kidnapping. You, as the reader, are kept ensnared in not only the investigation but in the lives of Thayne and Riley. You are faced with two characters who struggle to communicate and then given pieces of their lives for yourself to evaluate. Riley’s past comes in flashes and her emotions run deep, we come to emphasize, to understand- but still can’t help to wonder “how is it all connected?”

An absolute intrigue of a crime has been created in this world and I highly recommend you to read this book. The secrets uncovered cannot be forgotten again, and I cannot wait to read Forgotten Legacy.

“Hope destroyed lives as often as despair.”

Publisher: Montlake Romance (Kindle Edition)
Date Published: July 2016
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery

The way in which Perini introduces Alzheimer’s in this novel is an introduction of admiration. As someone who has never encountered the disease firsthand this book explained it in such a gentle and colorful way.
In the Afterword Perini discloses her experience with Alzheimer’s and says that it was in part what inspired a big part of the book. She also says that 10 percent of the royalties of this very book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s association and she has also created the #1MemoryChallenge which is a fundraising campaign to raise awareness.
Not only did I get to read an excellent book but I helped, in a small minuscule way, the association to work towards achieving their goals.

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