NaNoWriMo- Week One

It has been one week of November,
one week of writing,
one week of creativity.

Project TitleNothing Yet
Project GenreCrime Fiction/ Romance (Uncertain)
Current Word Count411
Badges Earned This WeekUpdated your Writing Progress
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As life would have it I literally just had the busiest weekend of the whole year! Of course this would occur when I finally committed to a writing project (#writerlife). I only started even thinking about my project late Monday afternoon. Already one day behind schedule; and it is only the second day. But if I am being honest I feel like that is usually how it goes, I commit to creativity and life tries to get in the way.
By November 2nd after 5pm I finally had time to sit down and think about what I want my project for this NaNoWriMo to be. I managed to successfully pen down a location, the name of my two main characters, and develoed a rough outline.

I never usually outline anything that I write, but I wanted this month to be different (and a little more successful than my previous endeavors) so I decided to change my approach to writing a little.
I recently watched an IGTV video by Victoria Aveyard about story structure. And after I watched it I knew that I wanted to incorporate that approach into my next project (which just so happens to be NaNoWriMo).

What I Have Written So Far:


Finally crossing that state line changed the way in which her shoulders were hunched. It was as if all of the doubt she had been feeling the last few months evaporated at the beckoning of the finish line promised by the crossing of the Welcome to Wyoming sign.

There was no apparent change in the surroundings, but the land somehow changed from a dull and lifeless road into a promising pathway. Driving in silence was easy; it was calm and steady in the face of what she had been through in the last few months. Her last _ hours of driving have been quiet and thoughtful, she had too much to think about and too much time to think about it. But with only a nine hour stretch ahead of her she decided to turn the radio on and finally breathe, she rolled the window down and embraced the winter winds that are still lingering in the plains of _.

“Honestly!” she shouts out as a rock hits the top right corner of her windshield. She took a deep breath and smiled. “Of course, 4 days of driving and nothing! But five minutes in Wyoming and my windshield is already done for.” She remembered the beginning of last summer when (still to be named) told her that there is not a single Wyoming resident without a cracked windshield, and knowing that she found comfort in slowly becoming a part of the state somehow.

Finally the Wind River Range appeared on the horizon and she knew that she was so close to having all of her questions answered.


She left Wyoming with


“But I’m here.” And as she said it she knew, without a doubt, that what she was feeling was all that there was to it. “I’m here.” She repeated, as if she only now realized the lengths that she had just gone through in order for her to be standing here, face to face with him, in the middle of May. All of a sudden the cracked windshield seemed like a warning, the icy roads that greeted her warmer than this welcoming. As the truth settled in she felt the world slip away. Her ears started ringing, the nervousness in her gut was now eating away at her breath. And as her cheeks became darker in shades of pink, her tongue tied and her eyes burned as they blinked. Once again her romanticized outlook on life that made her believe

** Due to the complete honesty and accountability I want on this project I need to disclose that everything except the outline was all written on the 6th of November**

See you next week, with hopefully more than 411 words! 

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