NaNoWriMo- Week Two

Two weeks of
writing and creating.

Project TitleNothing Yet
Project GenreCrime Fiction/ Romance (undecided)
Current Word Count849
Badges Earned This WeekUpdate more than once in a day
I am attempting NaNoWrimo this year and in celebration I am sharing my project with you. If you haven’ read week one’s post yet, it will give you a better insight into how the story has developed from week one to two.
To know why I am writing in NaNoWriMo this year, please read my original post.

As I am attempting to write this novel in the 3rd person I am slowly but surely realizing that the 3rd person point of view is most definitely not for me. I feel as if I am writing extremely blandly and it is coming across extremely impersonal.
But this is why I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, in order to grow, learn, and understand what does and does not work for me.
Okay, enjoy reading this week’s update:

Current Draft:


Finally crossing that state line changed the way in which her shoulders were hunched. It was as if all of the doubt she had been feeling the last few months evaporated at the beckoning of the finish line promised by the crossing of the Welcome to Wyoming sign.

There was no apparent change in the surroundings, but the land somehow changed from a dull and lifeless road into a promising pathway. Driving in silence was easy; it was calm and steady in the face of what she had been through in the last few months. Her last _ hours of driving have been quiet and thoughtful, she had too much to think about and too much time to think about it. But with only a nine hour stretch ahead of her she decided to turn the radio on and finally breathe, she rolled the window down and embraced the winter winds that are still lingering in the plains of _.

“Honestly!” she shouts out as a rock hits the top right corner of her windshield. She took a deep breath and smiled. “Of course, 4 days of driving and nothing! But five minutes in Wyoming and my windshield is already done for.” She remembered the beginning of last summer when (still to be named) told her that there is not a single Wyoming resident without a cracked windshield, and knowing that she found comfort in slowly becoming a part of the state somehow.

Finally the Wind River Range appeared on the horizon and she knew that she was so close to having all of her questions answered.


She left Wyoming with 


There it is, the exact place where she left her heart. She loved Wyoming not because of him, but because of this place. The way in which it accepted her, managed to change her and helped her to discover that there is more to this kind of life than simply working. She sat in her car for a while admiring how far she had come once again, the road this time was less of a challenge and more of an adventure. After a few deep breaths, she stepped out into the cold and walked towards the heavy wooden-framed entryway doors.

As the inside light of the building was glowing through the frosted glass an ever-growing silhouette became apparent. With every other step that she took her heart changed in rhythm. The very nerves that have held her together in the last few days are now threatening to come undone. Her determination diminishing as she closes in on the clubhouse, the very idea of coming here unannounced seeming foreign to her now, but she continued to walk until the knob was an arm’s length away. She wanted to reach for the door, to push it open and greet every single person that she has missed during what felt like a never-ending winter. She wanted to see the person who has been keeping her sane the last few months, but she couldn’t get herself to reach out and open the door.

Before she could reach for the handle the door opened to reveal Tyson. dark brown hair 

“I couldn’t put my life on hold until you were here.” 

“But I’m here.” And as she said it she knew, without a doubt, that what she was feeling was all that there was to it. “I’m here.” She repeated, almost to herself, as if she only now realized the lengths that she had just gone through in order for her to be standing here, face to face with him, in the middle of May. All of a sudden the cracked windshield seemed like a warning, the icy roads that greeted her warmer than this welcoming. As the truth settled in she felt the world slip away. Her ears started ringing, the nervousness in her gut was now eating away at her breath. And as her cheeks became darker in shades of pink, her tongue-tied and her eyes burned as they blinked.

 “And I appreciate that you came-” he said, but the way in which his eyes fell on hers portrayed a look of discomfort instead of the admiration she was expecting.

“Just don’t.” Two simple words were all that she could cut him off with, anything more and he would have heard her voice break. The wind had picked up since she approached the entryway and the chill of winter attempted to distract her from what she was feeling. His hair was being ruffled as he moved the zipper on his jacket a little bit higher. He didn’t try to start his sentence again, he didn’t even walk towards her. He just stood there, his whole demeanour begging for this awkward encounter to be over. “You had so many chances to avoid this. I gave you so many chances to end things.” She blurted out and immediately turned to walk away before the burning sensation turned into teardrops, and as she reached her car one managed to escape.  

Once again her romanticized outlook on life that made her believe …

Screenshot taken from my NaNoWriMo Profile

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