NaNoWriMo- Week Three

It’s been three weeks of writing,
and those 50 000 words seem more than a little out of reach.

Project TitleNothing Yet
Project GenreRomance/ Crime Fiction (undecided)
Current Word Count849 (Same as last week)
Badges Earned This WeekNone
I am attempting NaNoWrimo this year and in celebration I am sharing my project with you. If you wanted to read my full 849 words, please check out week two’s update.

Unfortunately I am posting two days late and have made absolutely no real progress.

I can explain…

Well, on Monday I woke up to an email saying that my Visa was approved and by Thursday I got onto a plan to Dubai. View my most recent post for a detailed description, but for now I think that pretty much sums up my lack of word count for this week.

I know I started this NaNoWriMo thread in order to keep myself accountable, so that is what I will be focusing on during this last stretch of November (that also happens to be the beginning of my14 days quarantine).

Hope to check back in on the 30th with at least a thousand more words,
or should I say thousands more?

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