2020 The Year of Change

2020 is Finally Ending!

Yes, this year was tough. So much happened that we could never in our wildest dreams have prepared for. But it happened and we got through it- one day at a time.
Along with the rest of the world I faced challenges that I was not prepared for, my life was finally heading into the direction that I wanted to continue in and then Covid came along and moved me as far back as to square one when I started travelling back in 2014.

I met parts of me that I have been avoiding, I neglected self care and yet I managed to place more focus on my writing than I have in months. It was a strange mixture of ambition and defeat that I have been experiencing since March. It was the fighter in me that kept busy with copywriting and studies. It was my fear of failure getting the better of me and caused me to stop focusing on my physical wellbeing. I gave in to doing nothing and everything all at once.

I lost my curiosity for the world somewhere along the way and became a shut-in who could not find contentment in books anymore. I became empty, the only way to explain what I felt is to say that I truly felt lost- I did not recognize myself anymore.

A lot of things contributed to this, but then one day I decided that the only way for me to get out of this is if I do something. Nothing will change if you don’t give it a chance to, and if you’ve knocked on the door of change and things still stay the same then it’s time for you to open that door yourself. Not all things come easy, and this most definitely did not. But I did it, I opened the door and left the destructive environment that I had contributed to for the last few months.

If 2020 taught me anything it’s that no situation justifies giving up on yourself.

Things did not magically rectify themselves, but with each passing day I started to see glimpses of myself returning. And that’s all that matters, that we keep fighting every day for what we want and who we want to be.

Yes, I lost a lot this year-
but I gained a lot of valuable insight that will resonate with me for years to come.

“Time moves slowly,
but passes quickly.”

Alice Walker

My New Years Resolution:

In celebration of the truly curios wandering person that I am I have decided to use my bucket list for Abu Dhabi as the basis for my 2021 New Years resolutions. I want to make an effort to do something different at least twice a month. It does not have to be some huge expedition every time, but I want to continuously contribute towards my own happiness which to me means not allowing the beauty of life to pass me by.

UAE Bucket List 2021

Along with wanting to be more adventurous is my exploration of a new country, I also have a lot of personal goals that I am going to place focus on in the year to come.

Some of those goals include:

Leading a healthier lifestyle- I never again want to let myself go the way that I did this year, because I don’t deserve that. I want to work on my fitness as well as allow myself some time to recharge instead of constantly putting pressure on myself to be more productive.
Monthly Check-ins- I want to reevaluate my mental/physical state at the end of every month and see how I can improve in the next month.
Read a book a month- This past year I barely read (this is partly because USPS lost my box with more than 20 of my books in and I couldn’t justify paying for more books when I had so many other financial responsibilities). But I also just could not sit down and focus on a book for more than a few minutes, so I want to rediscover my love for the written word.
Write, Write, Write- Yes, this is a goal every year but I want to keep my blog up to date with my Abu Dhabi adventure as well as attempt a few short stories along the way.

Happy New Year Fellow Adventurers,
Talk Soon!

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