Broken Intentions

I wanted you, and everything that you were
I wanted your problems to be mine,
our thoughts to become one,
I wanted every aspect to intertwine-
for us to be the bright shining sun.

I wanted us, and everything that we could be
I wanted to understand every part of you,
our lives to sync seamlessly,
I wanted to be let in by you-
to understand the demons you’ve been wrestling.

& you tried, you tried so hard
you opened the door, just so slightly,
to allow me a hint of what you hold
but all I wanted was to see more,
I wanted you to trust me-
to allow me into the feelings you’ve been keeping.

But it was never going to be enough,
I always wanted too much.
I wanted words, emotions, moments.
& still your silence filled the rooms
until I couldn’t stand it anymore
then I cried for the words
that would end us so soon.

In this silence I tried to explain,
why my heart was aching,
why I was feeling all this pain-
& I thought I told you that I couldn’t stay,
I intended to,
but intentions sometimes break.

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