Get involved, it’s worth it

The last year has disrupted every single stream of success that I had worked so hard to set up for myself. As I am sure it did for a lot of people; but I kept pushing. I kept taking the impossible situations and tried to view them in a positive light. This, as it turns out, is easier said than done and I’m not about to tell you that making an effort to be more involved will change your life- but it can. The possibility is there, and isn’t that something worth striving towards?

“I’m not about to tell you that making an effort to be more involved will change your life- but it can.”

I almost reached the point of total breakdown when an opportunity came, and of course, I grabbed it. I packed my suitcases and left for Abu Dhabi, excited to be given a chance in a Covid-stricken world.

But, as it turns out, not every great opportunity out there is necessarily a great opportunity for everybody. This right here is perhaps the first of so many valuable lessons I’ve learned in the past few months and I want to make sure that everyone out there understands this concept.

“Not every opportunity out there is necessarily a great opportunity for everybody.”

The opportunity to be involved arrived when I finally did reach the point of completely breaking down. I remember the day clearly, and I doubt I could ever forget just how completely hopeless I felt on that particular day. It was a mixture of anger and defeat, two emotions when mixed together leads a person to become almost numb. I didn’t see a reason for me being here, I didn’t want to do anything and at the same time I wanted to do everything to change how I was feeling.

So, after too many packs of Oreos and a gallon of caffeine later, I realized that I was surrounding myself with the wrong people. And not only did I realize this, but I decided that I am going to change it.

So I reached out, I found myself a writer’s group where we meet up and engage in topics I could not really ever discuss with my work colleagues. They inspired my creative side to take hold again, they reminded me of who I was in terms of what it was I wanted out of life.

From this experience, I realized I needed to do more, to find more people to connect with on a deeper level; to do something bigger and bolder– to be involved.

The opportunity to volunteer for The Global Limitless Conference made its way across my path and I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of. It’s a community of strong empowered women who want to empower other women- I mean, who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

So I applied, did the interview and got the opportunity to be a part of something amazing. We were briefed on what our duties would be during the conference, in which sessions we will be involved in and then were told to get to know who is speaking in each session as to be fully prepared.

From here we received schedules, the timeline and we were just constantly surrounded by an empowering atmosphere that stayed with you throughout your entire day.

girl yellow shirt smiling

What I gained:

Just knowing that I was a part of something that helps to lift others up was enough for me to want to take more action in my own personal life, and that accountability is invaluable.

But apart from feeling empowered myself, I also managed to make more connections, to meet other women who are in the interest of empowering; who at some point needed to feel empowered.

It’s important to know that we are not alone when it comes to wanting to make a change, and not knowing how. It’s just as important to be open to implementing the change and making an effort.

From my involvement or even just my openness to being more involved, I have grown as an individual, as a creative and as a professional. I have made connections that are invaluable and learned a lot about how a small “volunteer opportunity” can lead to a lasting impression that will fuel you for months to come.

Have you ever done any volunteer work?
Reach out below and let me know, I would love to be more involved

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