That Dream Vacation

I’m going on an adventure that I have both planned for months and painstakingly procrastinated, where the itinerary for the last 5 days are jam packed but everything before that I have left blank.
You see, this trip is a dream, a fantasy, something that while I’m sitting at the airport waiting to board feels like a figment of my imagination, because surely this cannot truly be happening. I cannot possibly be going to the one place that made my travel list before anything else.

My brain has been scattered, filled with the endless tasks of a marketing coordinator, so much so that when I booked my tickets on a whim I had over 6 months to prepare, but then out of nowhere the flight date was 3 weeks away, I had not obtained my visa yet- but hey, I ensured I knew exactly where my accommodation was going to be.

But I’m here to tell you miracles do happen, I managed to get a visa appointment before my flight date and miraculously had everything ready, just in time.

Basically, what I am saying is that this is the first ever trip I’m taking where I have no idea what to expect- and for once, I am okay with that.

For after all, shouldn’t a dream trip have a little different approach to it?

Ps- I will be visiting Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon and Paris and intend to use my blog as a journal of this trip instead of a retelling of events afterwards.

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