And so she started a blog…

She had left her home country, which she later learned some people still thought of as a place where lions roamed freely between the houses. And there she was, on an airplane heading to the sunshine state of Florida. The feelings she encountered in the past twenty-or-so hours were quite peculiar, because, they were rather... Continue Reading →

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Unremitting Words

They tell you to write and and write and write, because it is your passion and therefor you should not deprive yourself from it. But it is Wednesday, February 14th- and I have nothing new to say. You left, you left, you left. I've written countless pages concerning your departure and after all this time... Continue Reading →

Oh Summer

I had so many idea of what this summer in Wyoming would be like, so many plans, ideals and goals. But life being life- the reality most definitely does not add up to the expectations that I had. But then again, when does it ever? I'm currently in an airport in Texas having attended the... Continue Reading →

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