Tanitia Writes – Book Reviews

Literature is far more entertaining than my reality, thus apart from reviewing the places that I have seen I also like to offer my opinions on the books that I have read.

BOOK REVIEW: In Five Years

The story of Dannie Kohan is satisfyingly and agonizingly appropriate in its representation of what life is. In between the pages of this book Rebecca Serle perfectly sets you up with the belief in a certain ending and then shows you every single way in which this ending seems like an impossibility.

BOOK REVIEW: Forgotten Secrets

The small town of Singing River is perfectly portrayed through the words of Robin Perini, who not only focused on the wonder that the surroundings have to offer but also captures the strong community that can be found in such a remote location.

BOOK REVIEW: The Word is Murder

“walking into something that owes its existence entirely to to what happened inside my head.” – Anthony Horowitz the writer as well as the protagonist of this story.

BOOK REVIEW: Where the Crawdads Sing

“Where the Crawdads Sing follows the journey of an uneducated girl that allowed nature to teach her and thrived on the knowledge that the world around her offered.  Human tendencies are displayed in a cruel but truthful light as we follow the trial of a man that was murdered, a man that was known for…

BOOK REVIEW: I’m Traveling Alone

From the very beginning of this novel we are told of Mia Kruger and her determination to be alone. The life of this former homicide detective is definitely worth an investigation of its own.

BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Shadows

“so many lies in just three words,” she said. “And he did not even say ‘I love you.’”

BOOK REVIEW: Cruel Crown

Two short stories, compiled into one, a present from Aveyard to learn more about what is to come.


“The future came and went in the mildly discouraging way that futures do”

BOOK REVIEW: Glass Sword

Glass sword – Victoria Aveyard Page 51 “That should’ve been my first warning.” With merely half a hundred pages read Victoria Aveyard has already captured the reader in chaos, betrayal and a fight between the silvers and reds. And here, at the bottom of this page; she hands us, the readers, some sense of distress.…


And when I read this book I wished that it was given to us with the intention for us to read and reread…

BOOK REVIEW: Lady Midnight

… And if you didn’t already believe this statement to be true, perhaps you are yet to read the words which would convince you.


Immediately Aveyard showcases the brutal world we are about to be immersed in.

BOOK REVIEW: Eve of Darkness

What it is about the books we buy on impulse? The cover grabs our attention and immediately we are fascinated. For me, that was the case with Eve of Darkness.


The Giver- Louis Lowry Immediately Jonas, with his careful choice of words and memory recollection, throws us into a world that is different than ours. Their firm rules and regulations already being laid down within the first fifteen pages. The concept and point-of-view what kept me turning the pages. Until the last page came. That final…