Elixir- Elise Allen & Hilary Duff Upon the first page we are thrown directly into Clea’s panic. We quickly learn her magnified sense of experiencing life and yet everything that is to come is something she was not ready for. Something no one would ever be ready for until the reality of it settles in.... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: King’s Cage

King's Cage- Victoria Aveyard There's a lot to be said about the little lightning girl. But here I am almost halfway through King's Cage and all Aveyard has given me is Mare. "people like us," he scoffs. "We lie to everyone. Especially ourselves." It's page 202, Maven makes a pretty compelling statement, and Mare reacts... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Cruel Crown

CRUEL CROWN- VICTORIA AVEYARD Queen song: "There is nothing so terrible as a story untold." Victoria Aveyard claims upon the very first page of Queen song. And as a reader, you cannot deny thinking that the story of Coriane Jacos is of the utmost importance. We've heard what others had to say, and now we... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Glass Sword

Glass sword - Victoria Aveyard Page 51 "That should've been my first warning." With merely half a hundred pages read Victoria Aveyard has already captured the reader in chaos, betrayal and a fight between the silvers and reds. And here, at the bottom of this page; she hands us, the readers, some sense of distress.... Continue Reading →

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