And there it was, the beautiful beach of Delray. Upon arrival, every single object adds to the expectation of what you will find. The palm tree lined streets full of anticipation as you make your way over the Gulf Stream. Your first glimpse: boats and blue water- a promising sight. The entrance to shore (do... Continue Reading →

FLORIDA REVIEW: Deerfield beach

  The water’s movement majestically showcased by the bright light of the full bodied moon. The wind trailing lazily past us without disturbing the comfortable heat. During the hours that the sun is shining and the beach is crowded, you have the opportunity to walk upon the pier. The wooden structure somewhat a designated crowd... Continue Reading →


She envisioned watching the skyline as they approach the airport but instead she was greeted with nothing but darkness and the pilot announcing their descent. Finally arriving in New York she entered the vast JFK airport with a lot of expectation. She had a few hours layover, but after buying one cup of coffee from... Continue Reading →

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