Tanitia Writes- Poetry

Poetry is my form of journaling. It is the way that I process what is happening, how I feel about it and ultimately how I want to feel about it. I cannot exactly call myself a poet but sometimes my emotions become something worth reading about and that’s when I decide to share it with you.

It was nice.

It’s been nice, yes, but people don’t hold onto nice…

Living Uneven

Living, breathing, Surviving…

Big things

You know when you’re just about to give up? When you’ve just about had enough of chasing after a dream and you’re tempted to let it go- don’t. This poem is for you!

Tanitia on Writing

Writing in itself is a completely different world I wish I lived in


& we try, then we try again.

Perpetual Flow

Time forever flows

Broken Intentions

Intentions don’t always mean everything

You are

“You are all of the things”


Always celebrate the things to come


Unnecessary burdens come from heavy mistakes

I saw you

“I thought I saw you…”

Burning Burden

“I could tell you about the way in which my chest feels heavy”


I could love you, when I couldn’t love anyone…

Mostly Love

When it is what it is


A little poem to discuss the inner workings of myself

Unforeseen Cognizance

… I did not want to, but not wanting to does not change a thing.

Unremitting Words

“They tell you to write and write and write, because it is your passion.”


“The loss of you is not to blame”


Ideally, we were meant to fall in love with…

Delicate Bliss

… and the words we spoke so silently.

Auspicious Requests

“I was mesmerized by the pathway lined with red”

You Consume Me

“it’s the feeling you evoke”

“Poetic intentions can lead to many things”