BOOK REVIEW: A Court Of Wings And Ruin

A Court Of Wings And Ruin- Sarah J. Maas The very first page the perfect introduction; a mixture of memories, melancholy. This reverie of Rhysand's, the first line, consisting of no more than 14 words; it is painting the past and yet foreshadowing everything that is about to unfold. Sarah J Maas has written ACOWAR... Continue Reading →


After 6 months in Florida, it was time for me to head to Little Rock, Arkansas. Before my departure, I met a lot of people who looked appalled at my choice of destination. But for me it made all the sense in the world. I’ve been living in the lovely sunshine state, swimming in the... Continue Reading →


And there it was, the beautiful beach of Delray. Upon arrival, every single object adds to the expectation of what you will find. The palm tree lined streets full of anticipation as you make your way over the Gulf Stream. Your first glimpse: boats and blue water- a promising sight. The entrance to shore (do... Continue Reading →

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