Exploring the USA

Route & Review was created in May 2017.
3 Years ago!
I left for my first USA adventure in October 2014 and returned in September 2016.
After having been abroad for those two years I decided that it was time I turned my writing into reviewing.

My original introduction to the blog:

This blog is the results of an opiniative traveler; a girl with opinions regarding both the literary world and the one we live in. Reviews on places and events that I have encountered on my journies as well as a few short stories (to come at a later stage) based on the locations I have experienced.
All I wanted was to travel and read and find out what life was made for. And I did travel, I read as much as I could (which was never enough) and well- life is still a stranger to me. Because life happens. And if I wasn’t working I was helping a stranger find his way to the subway, or celebrating yet another co-workers birthday, sleeping, doing my washing hastily while trying to keep the household of 6 individuals in a foreign country at bay. And if I wasn’t doing that I was sitting in my room enjoying the silence or getting lost on my way to the train station or stranded at a fair. My point is I got on the airplane ready for the adventure and life didn’t disappoint

Map My Journey: The First Two Years

Those first two years of traveling were as amazing as they were tough. I had managed to work full time, sustain myself and see pieces of the world that I could never have dreamed of.

Started off in Florida 2014
Visited New York
Back to another season in Florida
Arrived in Maine for the Summer season of 2016
Took a cruise to the Bahamas
Had a blast in Puerto Rico
Went to a wedding in Chicago
Explored Massachusetts
Moved to Arkansas for the summer of 2015
Quick day-trip to Memphis
Chased my writer dreams at the Writer’s Digest Conference 2016 in New York City
Hiked in Vermont before getting on my flight back to South Africa
View my first two years post by post:

The Next Two Years

The Next Two and a half Years I did not just work in America, but I adventured through it. I realized that yes, I was there to work, but that did not mean I could not break away every now and then. I was able to live more, explore more and actually found time to appreciate what every State had to offer.


What my blog is becoming now:

In celebration of becoming a better traveller I want to become a better writer as well, thus I am changing the platform of Route & Review. So far my blog has been a way of talking about my travels in an informative way as well as sharing the books that I was able to read on these travels.
But I want more, I want my blog to be a more creative outlet for my colorful life.
In hopes of that I am planning to retell my story of my experiences here in the UAE in a short-story kind of way. I wanted to add my love for literature into the blog in more ways than simply reviewing books.

Hope you enjoy the retelling of my adventures,
As much as I loved writing them 🚗